Often when people think about burning wood, they worry about the carbon within the wood adding to greenhouse gases.

lt’s important to note that whether wood is burned on site, left to decompose, or burned for energy, the carbon contained in the wood is released to the atmosphere.

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The carbonization of biomass belongs to environmental project. Through the charcoal making process, the biomass waste can be converted into artificial charcoal, with high caloric value and wide applications.

Complexity in carbonization

Mishandling wood and vegetative waste by processing, piling, and letting it to decompose is more dangerous for our environment than disposing of wood through efficient combustion. Decomposition of wood not only creates CO2, it also releases enormous amounts of methane, which we know is 25 times _worse for our atmosphere than CO2 (Source US EPA woodybiomass.com).

Other processes such as grinding, hauling and land-filling have increased emissions output when compared to proper on-site incineration. To address the significant need to improve material remediation in an environmentally sensitive manner, we have a large above ground portable air curtain burner that dramatically improves upon current equipment solutions.

The Future

The future of wood waste elimination systems, The EnviroSaver Series Air Curtain Burners operate on advanced principles and processes to be the most cost-effective, environment-friendly portable wood waste combustion systems on the market. Our portable equipment provides a secure and safe environment in which the combustion of wood and other types of waste occurs, utilizing the wood and other combustible waste as its own fuel source. The elevated combustion chamber, air curtain, and pre-heated under-fire air increase combustion efficiency. The EnviroSaver is the most cost effective and environmentally effective way for customers to eliminate their wood and other applicable waste materials.