Prairie Creek Energy Services provides a complete, turn-key biosecurity package for cleaning construction equipment. Each wash station crew will track all aspects of the cleaning process electronically. This provides our clients with auditable documentation for each piece of equipment cleaned at each station.
All data is stored in the Cloud, and clients can access the data via a secure portal. All documentation, approvals, and reports are done electronically to ensure access to the most current data. Prairie Creek will manage all aspects of the process.

This Includes:

  • Picker Trucks for Wash Pad relocation
  • Water Trucks for supply of fresh water
  • Vac Trucks for removal and transport of waste to disposal facility
  • Fully Equipped Wash Units – trailer mounted
  • Self-contained 3500psi wash units
  • Rotary Cleaning nozzles equipment cleaning
  • 100’hose reels
  • All required PPE
  • Wash/Sterilization station for PPE and boot decontamination
  • Air Compressors with air chisels/blow guns
  • Support Vehicles
  • lndustry Knowledgeable Supervision
  • Containment of Residue & Water
  • Individual sections allow for custom sizing with ramps.
  • Each section follows contour of the ground.
  • Rubber seals connect each section together.
  • Side Curtains prevent any overspray from exiting the wash pad.
  • 3500 Gallons (+) of Storage Capacity
  • Sections connected to allow for fluid skimming equalization.
  • System can be heated to keep water from freezing.
  • Durable Practical Design
  • Easy cleaning of containment tanks.
  • Weight rating of 150,000lbs.
  • Withstand any tracked machine with ice lugs.
  • Weighs approx. 42,000lbs.
    (hauled in 1 load).
  • Can be unloaded and set up in 45 minutes to change locations.

Contact Us: Prairie Creek Energy Services wash pads can handle the largest pipeline equipment