Topsoil Stripping

We utilize high horsepower, low ground pressure farm tractors with both MeriCrusher and FAE crusher heads for cost effective sub-soiling and stripping activities. Our tractors can mobilize between sites via roads which saves on trucking costs. Our professional team of topsoil specialists, machine operators and truck drivers are prepared to strip and remove topsoil from any size commercial project, efficiently and in an organized manner.

When you strip topsoil, you are lowering all the existing grades within an area. You can only strip topsoil from areas in the Existing layer. The topsoil you strip from the job site is not included in any cut or fill totals. Instead, it appears as a separate total in the Summary tab.

Because the topsoil stripped is not included in the cut or fill quantities, the amount of topsoil stripped can have a significant effect on the final calculated totals. For example, if you strip 6 inches of topsoil in a job site that requires cut, you will reduce the amount of cut required. If you strip 6 inches of topsoil in a job site that requires fill, you will increase the amount of fill required.

“Stripping” (of topsoil) is the removal of that portion of the soil containing organic matter

which covers most of the earth's land surface with a layer 6-24 in. thick

Excavation generally starts with the separate stripping of the organic topsoil, which is later reused for landscaping around the new structure. This also prevents contamination of the non-organic material which is below the topsoil and which may be required for fill.

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